Hanson sand quarry workers win big in new agreement

Release date: 13/12/2016

Hanson employees on the firm’s sand quarry work will be around $100 per week better off overall thanks to a new agreement negotiated between the company and the TWU WA Branch.

Hanson bought out Rocla’s quarry operations in February and there were differences in pay rates and conditions between the two firms.

Hanson payroll had advised the Rocla Quarry workers they were only due shift loading on their ordinary hours and not on the full 12 hour shifts or overtime hours.

The TWU took the issue to the Fair Work Commission and Deputy President Binet awarded workers an ex-gratia payment of $1040 per employee and $1290 for the leading hands.

It was a good outcome because Rocla were not legally required to pay anything.

Members on the stand alone Hanson sand quarry agreement have recently finalized their EBA negotiations.
The agreement will give them:
·      A $4.00 per hour pay increase of $4.00 extra per hour.
·      An employee bonus scheme starting at $1370.
·      And a minimum 1.5% increase every year or the CPI (whatever is higher).

Further to this the drivers at Hanson are guaranteed a daily meal allowance of $21 per day.

That’s chicken parmigiana and a pint any day of the week.

Unfortunately drinking on the job is a big no no – maybe worth negotiating into the next EBA? Only joking!

Congratulations and many thanks to union representatives Simon Luckman and Jeffery Page on a job well done.
Out of interest, Hanson sand quarry has only 3 non-members in a site of around 30 people.

Only under a Unionised agreement and when workers stick together and stay strong do we win favourable conditions like the above.

Well done to all involved.

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