First Blood Now Used Syringes Facing Ipswich Bus Drivers

Release date: 18/10/2013

Less than 12 months after the derelict Ipswich Transit Centre was surrounded in bloodstains and smashed glass, today Ipswich bus drivers are walking over used syringes and swabs to access their second-class toilet and meal facilities.

TWU QLD MEDIA RELEASE, 18 October 2013

The Transport Workers’ Union first publically raised the issue with Translink in January, who responded by cleaning up the site - but still refused to re-route drivers to the more modern and safer Riverlink interchange for their breaks.
“It’s disgusting how much our Government continues to treat bus drivers like second-class citizens,” Transport Workers’ Union State Secretary Peter Biagini said.
“Today there are a dozen syringes and swabs on the ground around the Transit Centre, and Translink think this is okay for their bus drivers to use.”
“What else needs to happen before Tranlink completely shut down this facility for the safety of drivers.”
“The floods washed this place out and it was immediately shut down to passengers, but it took Translink two more years to decide to officially board it up.
“In January we called for Translink to either fix up the site or shut it down – they did neither and to this day - still force bus drivers to take their breaks there.
“And instead of re-routing drivers to safer and more convenient locations for their breaks, all they did was put pad locks on the port-a-loo’s and give keys to the drivers.”
“This is more than a safety issue,” Mr Biagini said.
“How would Transport Minister Scott Emerson and his Translink bosses like to have to step over blood, glass and syringes to use their toilet?”
“It’s sickening how much our Government continues to treat bus drivers like second class citizens.”
“Minister Emerson refuses to help drivers being bashed and robbed by thugs and refuses to provide safe and convenient facilities for drivers – its no wonder drivers are leaving the industry in droves.”

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