Financial Review reports TWU fighting employers for more super

Release date: 9/02/2011

The FIN has reported the TWU are pressing for higher superannuation contributions as wage agreements across the transport sector are renegotiated this year.

“The Transport Workers Union is seeking annual pay rises of 4 per cent over three years, plus an extra 2 per cent in superannuation a year from the major trucking companies.


“Some companies have agreed to higher contributions, but TNT Express is holding out and was hit by a one-day national strike in late January that it says affected about 30 per cent of its freight. Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement snagged over the push for extra super and matching pay for contractors.”


The article quotes TNT’s Australian managing director, Bob Black claiming TNT have made a “generous” offer, but the paper rightly points out that “TNT is refusing to increase superannuation contributions” “while... other companies have.”


The article reported on Toll Group and TNT’s stubbornness around clauses that allow the companies to undercut their employees through outside hire, while other companies have taken a fairer approach.


“Both TNT and Toll are opposing the push that contractors working for Toll be paid the same rates as employees.


“The TWU last year reached in-principle agree with the Linfox trucking group on a deal that included annual pay rises of 4 per cent, plus an extra 1 per cent in super a year over the next six years, and making casual workers permanent after six months. The acting national secretary of the TWU, Michael Kaine, said TNT had refused to make an offer on super or to “offer any position that would less the job security threat of outside hire”


“Their obstinacy is the biggest barrier to an agreement,” Mr Kaine said. “For everybody’s interest, including theirs, they should return to bargaining in good faith.”


The article reports negotiations with Toll will remain “tense and unresolved” for as long as the company refuses to offer measures to ensure job security. The FIN quotes Mr. Kaine saying:


“Toll needs to come to the table with a better offer before the protected action ballot finishes.”











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