Fedex workers in Germany won a collective bargaining agreement last month after two rounds of strike action reaped rewards.

Release date: 15/01/2011

The ITF-affiliated German union Ver.di, which represents the workers, reached the agreement with the company during the fifth set of negotiations on 17 December. Union members had twice taken strike action to fight for a fair deal for Fedex workers.

The agreement provides staff with a wage hike of between four and 5.5 per cent over the period of the 18-month agreement plus an additional one-off payment of 125 euros (US$167) for all staff. The settlement is valid from 1 December 2010 until 31 May 2012.


Commenting on the win, Ingo Marowsky, ITF organising globally coordinator, said: “This victory shows that if negotiations fail, industrial action is still an effective tool even in the current economic climate; it is always worth holding out for a fair deal.


“We congratulate Ver.di on winning the settlement and showing Fedex, which is not known to be union-friendly, that organised labour is here to stay.”

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