Release date: 25/08/2016

TWU NSW Media Release

It’s time for the next step in the campaign by TWU Members employed by Busways.

Members have resolved to provide two fare free days to commuters who use Busways buses in Western Sydney (Penrith, Blacktown, Windsor and Castle Hill areas) and on the Central Coast.

Today, Thursday 25 August 2016 and tomorrow Friday 26 August 2016 Passengers who use a Busways bus (on the Central Coast or in Western Sydney) can keep their Opal Card in their wallets for two days as Opal and ticketing machines will not be operating.

Drivers are hoping this action will remind Busways management that they should come to the negotiating table. If that fails then a stoppage is planned for Monday Morning.

Richard Olsen, Secretary, Transport Workers’ Union NSW said “The Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance, last week urged a quick resolution, but it seems that the Company has even chosen to ignore the Minister.”

“We see the stoppage planned for Monday morning as a last resort. Again, It’s not too late for Busways, the power to prevent this inconvenience to Monday Morning passengers is in their hands. We invite them to come to the table and negotiate properly with Drivers” said, Mr Olsen.

Busways have so far chosen not to negotiate but have instead launched an action in Court which the Transport Workers Union NSW will be fighting today (Thursday) on behalf of Members.

If Busways still choose not to negotiate, then on Monday, 29 August 2016, Busways drivers will be taking buses off the road for a stop work meeting between the hours of 5am and 9am.

The TWU advises that this will affect school runs as well as those who use Busways for their Monday Morning transport needs. The Busways service areas affected will be:

Central Coast
Western Sydney (Penrith, Blacktown, Windsor and Castle Hill areas)

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