Drivers Put a Stop to Loading Zone Lunacy

Release date: 19/06/2015

TWU NSW News, 19 June 2015
Delivery drivers that use the Sydney CBD have been celebrating a big win recently after a TWU campaign forced the State Government to backflip on a plan to rip out almost 100 loading zones in the CBD.

Late last year the “brains trust” in the NSW Government and the City of Sydney had the bright idea of ripping out loading zones on Castlereagh Street, one of the busiest streets in the city, to make way for a cycle lane.

Delivery drivers are essential to the CBD – between the businesses, offices, restaurants and online shopping deliveries, the demand is greater than ever. Deliveries are non-stop – who do they think delivers the milk for the lattes, the documents to the businesses and the online shopping parcels to the workers?

Without loading zones, our members, thousands of whom are small business owner drivers, would have had to cart the goods across busy streets and pavements from loading zones well away from where they were delivering to. This would increase delivery times, putting our guys under economic pressure, and we all know that can lead to tragic outcomes. 

If they had thought to ask one of the thousands of delivery drivers that use the street each day, they would’ve been told in no uncertain terms that it would bring the CBD to a standstill.

Working as a united TWU team, our delivery drivers came together and told the State Government that their plan was idiotic. Special thanks to Dave Lenoir, Garry Russell and Tony McNulty for giving up their time to sit through all the consultations and meetings needed to make the State Government see sense.

Finally at the end of last month, the Government backed down and the plan is now off the table for the next couple of years at least. On top of that win, we also managed to get some new non-ticketed loading zones approved in Goulburn Street so our members can get on with their jobs and keep the CBD moving.

We’re not stopping here though, we’ll continue campaigning to get improved access for delivery drivers in the CBD.

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