Release date: 21/09/2009

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has criticised former Qantas’ CEO, Geoff Dixon’s, salary of $10.9 million for five months work as disrespectful to the company’s workforce who are facing spending cuts due to the current economic environment.

TWU national secretary, Tony Sheldon, today said that it should be remembered that Mr Dixon was being paid out for a failed private equity bid, and left the company when the global financial crisis beared its teeth.

“Mr Dixon left when the going got tough but to the current CEO’s credit, Alan Joyce managed to keep Qantas afloat when many other airlines have suffered substantial losses,” Mr Sheldon said.

“To see multi-million dollar payments to Qantas executives across the board is especially galling for employees, given that the company had made an application to the Industrial Relations Commission to cut industry pay even though an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement was in place.

“Considering the time he spent at the job, Mr Dixon should go back to his former public statement and use the money for charity. Make no mistake, if his private equity agreement had got through, it would be his former employees and their families who would now need the charity,” Mr Sheldon said.

The TWU said although current CEO, Alan Joyce earned a more modest $3.7 million, employees would still feel as though they had been short changed.

“It is a shame that while the company is outsourcing work to companies like Aerocare, the CEO is still earning roughly 10 times a year more than the Prime Minister,” Mr Sheldon said.

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