Deal Change No Deal at All

Release date: 30/08/2013

Our TWU members at Hy-Tec Concrete in Dapto on the south coast staged a stop work meeting on August 13 in response to the company’s refusal to meet its commitment to maintain their existing terms and conditions.

The Transport Workers Union has been attempting to negotiate a new union agreement for the last 12 months for our members at Hy-Tec Concrete which is owned by Adelaide Brighton and has offices throughout Australia.
Hy-Tec Concrete took over the business from South Coast Equipment in 2011 and made an undertaking to our members then that it would maintain their existing terms and conditions.
However when the EA ran its term, the company refused to honour its commitment, insisting drivers be paid according to the class of vehicles they drove rather than under their current classification.
The TWU has previously stepped in and won the case for drivers to ensure they are paid according to the licence they hold, not the truck they are driving and we will do it again.
Our members argued this was unfair as it failed to take into account the skills and expertise of the classification of drivers which had always been the basis upon which the drivers had been paid.
These drivers were paid a set wage according to their classification so if they were to be paid a different rate every time they drove a different vehicle, that could make a difference of up to $4 an hour which adds up to $150 a week or $7,000 a year.
Losing up to $7,000 a year is quite a substantial amount and we say it is not on. Our members deserve better.
The Dapto site has gone through a number of incarnations over 30-odd years but it has always performed profitably.
Drivers there perform a wide range of tasks and responsibilities.
What Hy-Tec is trying to do is impose a one-size-fitsall approach but what we say is that what works in a metropolitan yard in Sydney will simply not work here due to the totally different circumstances in this yard.
Negotiations are continuing and we are optimistic of a positive outcome. We back our members 100 per cent and if we need to take further action, we will.

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