Cobham Members Stand up to Condition Cuts

Release date: 20/01/2014

In a move to cut costs, Cobham management decided certain meal allowances for inflight members were no longer necessary, despite being an item of their enterprise agreement.
TWU QLD NEWS, 20 January 2014

Far North Queensland TWU Organiser Janine Aitken said the change impacted a number of members who, by the nature of their job and the prohibitive nature of flying, don’t have access to any other food than their inflight meals.
‘Management decided that no matter how many flights over two hours are taken per day, only one meal allowance under such conditions would be paid,’ Janine said.
‘So we armed our delegate who took the fight up with management, and is speaking with members to make a call on what they want to do.’
‘This change is significant because our members are away from home, don’t always have access to cafes or shops, and can only eat onboard these flights.’
‘As per the agreement, allowances for inflight meals can be claimed for flights over two hours or more, and should there be multiple flights, the allowance would be payable for each flight,’ Janine said.
Have you had cuts to your conditions and want to know your rights? Contact your TWU Call Centre Organiser Mark Walker today on (07) 3890 6207.
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