Channel 9 News, 30 May 2012, 06:06PM

Release date: 30/05/2012

Retail sales were up 2.1% for NSW in April. Coles has announced a major new price war.

Whilst spending on books, newspapers and electronic goods has decreased people are spending more on eating out which is up 18% in the past year. Richard Goyder, Wesfarmers says that he is pleased where the company is at today. Coles is planning to open 19 new stores, close 11, increase 10 and refurbish 400. Truck drivers claims they are being pushed too far by Coles and took to the streets to protest. Tony Sheldon, TWU says that 55% of truck drivers said they have to carry out unsafe working practises because of Coles. Coles denies the claims.

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