Candidate's Pledge For Safety First

Release date: 25/03/2015

Being the daughter of a truckie meant Labor candidate for the Blue Mountains, Trish Doyle, had no qualms in recently signing a pledge to support the Transport Workers Union's plea for better working conditions ahead of the state election.

Blue Mountains Gazette, by B.C Lewis, 25 March 2015

Ms Doyle signed the pledge on March 16 "to cement political support for community safety and the rights of local transport workers and their families".

"With trucks and buses traversing our Great Western Highway on a daily basis, the Blue Mountains community expects and values safe practices and conditions for workers in the transport industry." "The TWU have asked that I sign this pledge and I am more then happy to, I think the community expects that you guys have safe working conditions, safe roads and realistic, reasonable schedules," she said addressing some of those union delegates on Springwood's Macquarie Road.

Bus industry union official Josef Vostinar said "maintaining conditions and continuity of employment in the bus sector" and looking into the "pressures with on time running and KPIs" was part of the "pollie pledge".

"Ninety per cent of our customers are old people and on-time running is not good for them," Cheryl Gordon, another delegate added.

"All of the [NSW] bus companies are under pressure ... we haven't got time to refuel our buses, go to the toilet or say hello to our customers." The TWU said Transport for NSW can fine bus companies for failing repeatedly to meet on-time running targets.

A NSW bus industry official, Nimrod Nyols, said he was pleased Ms Doyle had signed the pledge.

"We sent this to all candidates in the area and she is the only one who has come forward to publicly back it".

TWU NSW secretary Michael Aird said candidates from all sides of politics were asked to pledge their support to help deliver a safer road transport industry that "protects drivers from being exploited and protects communities from truck related crashes caused by fatigue, forced speeding or flouting of road rules to meet deadlines [and] to pledge their support to provide job security and decent jobs for bus drivers by making the continuity of employment and improved pay and conditions a legal requirement in any successful bus tender".

"Transport workers keep NSW moving and they deserve a local member of parliament that's going to stick up for them," Mr Aird said.

Blue Mountains MP Roza Sage said: "The Baird Government has made record investments in roads and road safety for the Blue Mountains" and "the unions continue to show their blind loyalty despite Labor's inability to deliver anything for the Blue Mountains in 16 wasted years".

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