Tell the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) that Rio Tinto has no place in the Olympic Games : A LabourStart Campaign

Release date: 18/05/2012

Mining giant Rio Tinto is the official Olympic supplier of the metal used to make the 2012 Olympic medals – yet it locked out 780 workers who are standing up against the company's aggressive contracting-out demands at a highly profitable aluminum smelter in Alma, Quebec.

Rio Tinto wants to eliminate decent jobs in Alma by replacing retiring unionized workers with precariously employed contract workers earning half the wages and no pension. In Alma, as in so many other places around the world, Rio Tinto's behaviour fails to live up to the Olympic principle of fair play and to the London Games' commitment to sustainability. 

Canada is hosting the International Olympic Committee from May 23-25--let's deliver the message loud and clear: Drop Rio Tinto and its tarnished Olympic medals!


In partnership with USW Canada, The USW is the largest private sector union in both Canada and North America with more than 225,000 members in Canada and more than 800,000 members continent-wide. The USW is Canada's most diverse union, representing men and women working in every sector of the economy. The USW stands for unity and strength for workers.


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