Release date: 10/12/2009

The Transport Workers Union is travelling through regional NSW to raise support from the Returned Servicemen’s League for improved services for Defence Personel as they move houses.

The TWU is concerned that the Department of Defence is spending less money on moving defence families and, as a result, they sometimes get a less than second-rate service.

TWU spokesmen, Mark Crosdale, said the Defence Department was pursuing a policy of awarding the work to the lowest price contractor, and the TWU wants the RSL to led their support for the campaign.

“Defence personnel and their families make huge sacrifices in the service of this country. The least the Department of Defence can do is to ensure the highest standards of safety and professionalism when they contract out those furniture moving services,” said Mr Crosdale.

“Many defence families are not happy with the Defence Department removals process with half the people surveyed to day saying that the poor quality of removals has made them consider leaving the defence forces.”

The TWU said the Australian taxpayer would expect that the servicemen and women who defend our country and our nation’s interests are provided the best service possible – not the lowest cost.

“The bottom line is that a quality removals service costs a little more but if you consider that in the context of the whole Defence budget it is not that much,” Mr Crosdale said.

“Paying for professionalism is money well invested when you consider the sacrifices our armed services personnel and their families make in the service of this country” he said.

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