Buses Slip, Sliding Away

Release date: 9/07/2015

The Daily Telegraph, by Jim O'rourke, 9 July 2015

BUS drivers fear for passenger safety because vehicles are skidding on "slippery" painted bus lanes.

Drivers complain that during and after rain the red surface becomes shiny, causing the 13-tonne vehicles' wheels to lose traction.

The Transport Workers Union said authorities had been alerted to the problem but "nothing has been done".

One driver described a bus lane on Smith St, Parramatta, near the bus and rail interchange as a "slippery dip".

Another said of heading into the Parramatta interchange: "It was wet and I drove slowly into a left-hand bend in the bus lane and the bus wouldn't turn, it went straight ahead.

"It really frightened me. The paint on the bus lane looked shiny. It looked new.

"We carry school kids and old ladies so it's not good losing control of a bus."

In March The Daily Telegraph reported state government bus drivers were concerned their vehicles were aquaplaning along the red painted bus lanes when they pulled up at bus stops and traffic lights on Parramatta Rd and Broadway.

Roads and Maritime Services told State Transit it would undertake remedial work on the surfaces and inspect and test other bus lanes identified by drivers.

Now the TWU, which represents private bus drivers, wants the RMS to look at bus lanes in Western Sydney.

TWU state secretary Michael Aird said bus drivers were responsible for the safety of their passengers and the fact some were losing control, even for a split second, because of slippery bus lanes was deeply concerning.

An RMS spokesman said NSW bus lanes must meet strict safety standards and any concerns were investigated immediately, including those raised earlier this year by the State Transit Authority.

"Several surfaces including those on Parramatta corridors were retextured as a result of the feedback. No further issues have been raised since improvement work was completed," the spokesman said.

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