Bus drivers take action for better job conditions

Release date: 2/11/2012

UNION representatives from Hunter Valley Buses met with management yesterday to discuss concerns regarding safety, rostering and workloads.

By Janek Speight, Newcastle Herald Print Ed., 2 November 2012

Drivers want progress on a number of issues. Picture: Peter Stoop

About 160 drivers walked off the job for an hour in the morning in protest at work conditions but called off further action after talks with owning company Comfort Delgro Cabcharge.

Transport Workers Union delegate Ian Smith said staff would reassess their position in a fortnight when Sydney management responded.

"We do a very good jot under difficult circumstances and we’re not making any unreasonable requests," he said.

"There’s a lot of danger in some of the stuff and we want it fixed before someone’s killed.


"We’ve been put at the bottom of the pile for too long. They’ve promised to do things, some of which we’ve asked for five or six years, and they’ve never done anything about it." Mr Smith said the meeting went well and he was confident of a positive outcome for all parties.

Staff plan to hold another meeting on November 20 to discuss the company’s response.

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