Bus Drivers Call for Conductors

Release date: 29/05/2012

Bus drivers want the return of bus conductors in southeast Queensland to sort out Fare dodging school kids.

Cairns Post, QLD

Transport Minister Scott Emerson has called a meeting with drivers and unions over concerns that some children and parents are exploiting the “no child left behind” policy to avoid paying fares.

The policy was adopted after Daniel Morcombe, 13, was taken from a bus stop on the Sunshine Coast in December 2003. His remains were found late last year and a man has been charged with his murder.

Transport Workers’ Union secretary Peter Biagini said a driver’s job was to drive, not take on the added responsibility of sorting out why kids aren’t paying fares.

He said bus conductors should be trialled to identify repeat offenders and follow up with their parents.

“We need somebody with a bit of authority to say, ‘Look, you’re not paying your fare. Sorry, you can’t travel,’ and make that hard decision,” he said.

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