British Airways Workers Need Our Support

Release date: 17/03/2010

Responding to British Airways Management’s attempts to unilaterally impose massive cuts on cabin crew staff terms and conditions, (including a 25% reduction in crew numbers) thousands of BA Cabin Crew members have been working with their union Unite to reach a reasonable outcome of the companies demands. (sound familiar?)

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Over the last 6 months, over 90% of cabin crew have twice voted to go on strike rather than accept the company’s proposals. Last week, BA Cabin Crew members and Unite Officials met with British Airways management to discuss another option.  

Alternate proposals by Unite delivering everything the company wanted were rejected by BA management.  Instead another proposal was suggested delivering 62.9million pounds in savings for BA which Unite agreed should be considered and voted on by all British Airways cabin crew.

Less than an hour later, Unite Officials learnt by the media the BA's latest offer was being withdrawn.

Industrial action 
With no other option, Unite members and BA Cabin Crew have determined to take industrial action in an final effort to convince BA management to see sense and behave reasonably.  

BA picket

Days for strike action have been set and will take place on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd and again on March 27th to 30th.

BA members at Unite are asking for our support.

In the event of a strike taking place, BA management may seek to crew BA aircraft with inexperienced, untrained, and unskilled strike breakers who may not have been through the proper security checks and clearances for international travel.  

If this is the case, the safety and security of Australian workers who may be called on to service, load and unload, clean and refuel BA aircraft could be put a risk.

Your TWU is determined to make sure that this does not happen.  BA's use of strike breakers cannot be allowed to put the health and safety of Australian workers and airline passengers at risk.

To make sure this doesn't happen all TWU members called to the work on a BA aircraft are being called on to take every possible precaution to make sure the aircraft and task they are performing is safe and in line with our best practice standards. 

For more information on how you can do this, contact your TWU official for more information as a matter of urgency or download the petition below.

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