Boral Redundancies Leave Truckies Reeling

Release date: 9/02/2016

Star Weekly, by Sumeyya Ilanbey, 8 February 2016-02-05
Bacchus Marsh truckies are reeling after losing their jobs four months into a year-long contract with Boral.

Last month, the logistics branch of the quarry company announced that 20 drivers, including three from Bacchus Marsh, would be made redundant because the company would now use contractor Lorry Owner Driver instead of company drivers.
Boral Construction Materials Victorian general manager Paul Dalton said the company was in contact with the Transport Workers Union (TWU) and looking to redeploy a number of the affected employees into other roles within the business.
“Employees affected by this change will receive redundancy payments and be provided with appropriate support to assist them through their transition,” Mr Dalton said. “This change is necessary to help the business improve its position in a very competitive market.”
But TWU senior organiser Chris Fennell is “outraged” at Boral’s decision to make drivers redundant.
He said truckies had only recently signed a new 12-month contract.
“It’s an outrageous, cost-cutting exercise and nothing more than a company bypassing an agreement they have made with a union representing workers before that agreement had expired,” Mr Fennell said.
“Is this a new low in the Australian business model? Or is it an American model?”
The news came as a shock to the drivers just a week before Australia Day, with most expecting to have a job at least until September.
“They weren’t very happy,” Mr Fennell said.
“We did their agreement only four months ago … we’re not happy.”
He said while most affected employees had found jobs with other companies, not all had been so lucky.
“I can’t speak about [the truck drivers’] emotions, but I know they were very angry when they found out.”
A Boral spokeswoman said: “A number of people have found new roles with Boral and others are still working through the redeployment process.”

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