Barnetts Drivers Stand Firm against Company Attacks

Release date: 12/09/2013

Barnetts Couriers staged an urgent stop work meeting last Tuesday, in protest of bullying tactics undertaken by the company.

TWU NSW News, 12 September 2013

Drivers at Barrnetts banded together to stop work when a driver, who was returning from his annual leave was told by management to sign a new contract, on inferior conditions and pay or be refused work.

The contracts thrust upon the driver outlined conditions that he had neither discussed nor negotiated with the company prior to being encouraged to sign on the dotted line.

Transport Workers' Union (TWU) Assistant State Secretary Richard Olsen described the action by management as testament of the lengths the company would go to, to increase its profits.

"Barnetts have been trying to force members to sign these contracts for more than 12 months with its latest stunt proving to be both disgusting and illegal," said Richard.

"The company is playing games with our driver's livelihood for a few extra dollars. This type of behaviour is not on- and our drivers were ready to fight back."

Following the stop work meeting, the TWU took its fight to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (NSW IRC). The NSW IRC backed the position of the TWU, finding that the tactics undertaken by Barnetts was unreasonable, recommending that status quo in terms of the drivers' pay and conditions be maintained.

"I would like to congratulate drivers for uniting and standing firm against Barnetts. It is only in unity that we can keep companies like Barnetts to account," said NSW TWU State Secretary Wayne Forno.

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