Ansett workers win more outstanding entitlement money

Release date: 12/12/2008

The TWU’s continuing fight for the outstanding entitlements of former Ansett workers has received a boost with receiving their eleventh payment since the collapse of the company.

Former Ansett employee David Lupton today said: 

“We have fought for so long in this battle for the money we are owed.  
This latest payment is a step closer to receiving all the money that is rightfully ours.”

Former Ansett workers collectively received $12 million yesterday.  Approximately 93.6 cents in the dollar of their entitlements has been paid since the company collapsed in 2001.
The eleventh dividend payment eliminates 20% of the balance outstanding from the airline company. Approximately $40 million is still owed to thousands of former employees. 

Acting National Secretary, Michael Kaine, today said:

“This payment means more money in the pockets of former Ansett employees and is another positive step forward in what has been a long campaign for all of the employees.

“This long and arduous fight for former Ansett employees like David Lupton is one which will not stop until all the entitlement payments have been received. All employee’s should be proud of their continued fight to receive what they are owed”

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