Release date: 15/10/2010

 The Transport Workers Union has backed Qantas’s concerns over the introduction of a proposed carbon tax, and has called for a level playing field in the aviation industry to ensure Australian airlines are not adversely affected by overseas competition.

 TWU national secretary, Tony Sheldon, said that all airlines flying into Australia should have no less than the environmental and financial considerations placed on their operations to mirror any regulations on Australian airlines.

“We don’t want to see Australian jobs threatened because an overseas company dos not have to pay a tax on carbon whereas an Australian airline has too,” Mr Sheldon said.

“But at the same time, we also need to see all airlines flying in Australian airspace having to have no less training standards, security standards and employment standards as Australian’s expect. 

“But from Mr Joyce’s comments, he is only interested in the operating costs of the airline. We really need to see a shift in management’s thinking where Australian families jobs are seen as an asset to the company, as it is in the community.

“While we see the continued Qantas outsourcing of everything from pilots to flight codes with significantly less training, safety and wages, we will continue to see the downgrading of services in the Australian community and for overseas visitors. Let’s not turn Qantas into another RyanAir.

“By lifting the standards both here and through airlines coming here, it will level the playing field and protect Australian jobs, and the safety, comfort and security of the travelling public,” Mr Sheldon said.

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