AirAsia Has Poor Safety Record

Release date: 28/01/2016

AFR, 27 January 2016
News of extra routes by AirAsia between Australia and New Zealand should be a serious cause for concern ("Trans-Tasman competition heats up as foreign airlines enter market", January 25). This is the same airline which was found to have been responsible for shocking failings in a report by Indonesia's National Transport Safety Committee on the crash of a flight from Surabaya to Singapore just over a year ago, killing all 162 passengers and crew on board.

These failings included a lack of training for pilots on what to do during prolonged stall of an aircraft. They include poor communication during crisis situations which led to conflicting instructions given just ahead of the crash. Airlines such as AirAsia, which discourage workers from organising, do not have a robust system in place to allow staff to voice concerns without fear of repercussions. Passengers have the right to know that when they get on a plane operating in Australia that the highest safety and security standards are being applied. This report, published just last month, indicates AirAsia does not maintain such standards and the Minister for Transport should act accordingly.
Tony Sheldon
Transport Workers' Union
Sydney, NSW

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