ACTU support the campaign for job security at Qantas

Release date: 23/03/2011

ACTU leadership publicly declared its support for the campaign by airline unions to have Qantas support contentious "job security" clauses aimed at limiting the use of outside labour.

ACTU president Ged Kearney said the use of labour hire and outsourcing, offshoring, short-term contracts and casualisation had "all been part of Qantas's approach to undermine job security in the pursuit of higher profits".

"Australians should not have to fight for job security and fair pay, yet the airline which proudly flies a national emblem is refusing to afford its workers the respect and fair go this country stands for," Ms Kearney said.

"TWU members have rightly decided enough is enough, and made job security a top priority in these negotiations because, without it, workers struggle to plan their lives or save for the future."

The union's federal secretary, Tony Sheldon, launched an extraordinary attack on Qantas, claiming the airline had attempted to "profiteer" from the earthquake in Japan.

"Qantas was the first airline in this region to introduce a fuel surcharge to customers, and last week Qantas was charging from $900 to $9000 for one-way tickets out of Tokyo," Mr Sheldon said.

"To turn around and accuse the workforce of being unreasonable over job security while executives have made a conscious decision to profiteer off a natural disaster and the fear of a nuclear emergency is a new low in Australian corporate history."

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