Abbott's Super Delay Makes Him Robin Hood in Reverse: Sheldon

Release date: 20/05/2013

TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon has today accused Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of being Robin Hood "in reverse" for delaying increases in employer super contributions.

Delivering the opening speech to the union's national council meeting in Darwin, Sheldon said that in committing to defer the rise in super contributions and to axe the mining super profits tax, Abbott had revealed his "big picture aim" of redistributing wealth "upwards not downwards".
He also rounded on Coles managing director Ian McLeod saying he and his company were "always crying foul of our efforts to look after workers".
Sheldon also criticised McLeod's recent comments that Coca-Cola products were up to 60% cheaper overseas. Sheldon said this implied that Australian manufacturers are paying their employees too much.
Coles wasn't able to comment.
Speech to TWU national council meeting Darwin, by national secretary Tony Sheldon, Darwin, May 20, 2013

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