500 More Qantas Workers Pay The Price for Bad Management

Release date: 8/11/2012

Another 500 workers at Qantas will pay the price for the disastrous management at the company, who must now come clean on how they intend to grow the company while sacking workers and turning Qantas into a little more than a virtual airline. That’s according to Michael Kaine, Acting National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU).

Michael was speaking today after Qantas slashed a further 500 aviation engineering jobs and further undermined the future viability of both Qantas and the Australian aviation industry.

“Less than a week after the Qantas AGM in Canberra, where CEO Alan Joyce glossed over his role in the worst year since privatisation and instead talked about growing the company, Qantas have announced that a further 500 jobs in engineering will be axed. TWU Qantas members are only too well aware of having to pay the price for management’s failure to run the company properly.”

“Combined with the 2800 jobs which the CEO has boasted about cutting to date, this brings to 3300 the number of Qantas workers who are paying the price for the disastrous polices of senior management. Qantas failed to turn a profit for the first time in 17 years, posting a $224 million dollar loss. The share price plummeted 42% in the last financial year. The disastrous lockout of 35,000 staff last October resulted in a bill to the company of $194 million dollars, which is now being paid for by sacking more Qantas workers.”

“At a time when the aviation industry is growing here in Australia, Qantas management have cancelled orders for new fuel-efficient planes and have abandoned many international routes to their prospective alliance partner Emirates. They seem set to continue outsourcing or cutting aviation jobs here in Australia despite the obvious damage to the company. Qantas workers and the Australian community don't want a ‘virtual airline’ ran and maintained overseas; they want the Flying Kangaroo staffed by proud workers in Australia – that’s what has made this airline great.”

Michael Kaine concluded; “What is needed to turn Qantas around is sensible management who understand the benefit of working with, not against, their strongest asset – their workforce. The TWU have called for an Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) executive meeting to address these latest job cuts, but it is now time for everyone who cares about Qantas to help chart a course to safety for the Flying Kangaroo before it is too late.

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