Vote for Frank

If you registered to vote in the ATA General Council elections, you will from Thursday February 7 get a ballot by email. Open the email and click on the link. Make sure you vote for Frank to give owner drivers a strong voice.

Frank Black has been a long-distance owner driver for over 30 years. He has fought for rights for owner drivers, including better rates and shorter payment times. He has stood up to industry bodies representing companies which deny any problems in our industry and rip drivers off.

Frank is running for election to the ATA General Council to fight for a workable solution to ensure a better industry. “It’s important that owner drivers have a voice at the ATA that represents owner drivers, rather than someone representing a big industry association. 

It is time for an end to owner drivers being taken advantage of and their voices ignored,” he says.

Vote for Frank to ensure the voice of owner drivers is strong at the ATA. 

Vote for Frank for a better industry.

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