Tip Top story: live ruined, safety compromised

The appalling treatment of drivers working for well-known bread company Tip Top was recently exposed on ABC 7.30. These owner drivers have had their rates reduced significantly in recent years which has meant businesses going under, families crippled and safety on the roads compromised. Tip Top have told them to “take it or leave it” when they have complained about the rate reductions.

The plight of these drivers would have been addressed if the Federal Government had not torn down an independent road safety tribunal last year.
An Order by the tribunal set minimum rates for owner drivers like the Tip Top drivers, and ruled that they should be paid for all their work. Importantly the tribunal said wealthy clients like Tip Top were ultimately responsible for rates and safety in their supply chain.
But the Order was in place just two weeks before the Federal Government tore the tribunal down. The Tip Top drivers were close to achieving justice but it was snatched away.
Drivers across Australia like the Tip Top owner drivers are being pushed to work fatigued and for several days on end without time off just to keep their businesses afloat. Drivers don’t get paid for many hours that they work.

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