Your national negotiation committee met with StarTrack for the fifth negotiation meeting on 4th October.

There was no further movement on any of your outstanding claims, including securing the bonus, the Agreement expiry or job security, so bargaining is at an impasse.  

Because the proposal has not met your claim, your national delegates’ committee have not endorsed the StarTrack proposal.

The StarTrack management proposal will soon be put to a vote.

Keep in mind that the NSW EA is coming up for negotiations soon.

It is now up to you to have your say on what you think about the offer.


  • Report back meetings will be held around the country week starting Monday 9th October 2017.
  • 7-day access period will commence on Monday 16th October.
  • Voting period will be from Tuesday, 24 October to Tuesday, 31 October.
  • A majority of workers (50% +1) must vote one way or another to declare the ballot.
  • If the proposal is voted down, your national negotiation committee will be back to the bargaining table with StarTrack. If the proposal is voted up, the proposal will be lodged to the Fair Work Commission as the EA for approval.

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