Truck Driver Rights A 'Matter of Public Safety'

Macarthur Chronicle Campbelltown, by Daniel Zautsen, 9 February 2018
Campbelltown state Labor MP Greg Warren is leading a push to give truckies delivering bread, milk and cream the same rights as other transport workers.

Photo: Campbelltown MP Greg Warren introduces a bill to parliament to amend industrial relations laws.

Mr Warren said two local Tip Top delivery drivers had approached him last year with concerns about their workplace conditions. One of the drivers had worked two month straight. They also raised issues about pay and public safety.
“Because these guys are subcontractors there is no legal framework for them to dispute anything in the workplace,” Mr Warren said.
 “The Act hasn’t been changed in some time, and it was different when bread and milk was being delivered door to door.
“A lot of these drivers are running very fine margins and are struggling to service their vehicles properly which is also a matter of public safety.
“If they do want to dispute pay or their working hours with the contractor then it’s very easy for them to just be told ‘thank you very much’ and the next day they’re out of work.”

Photo: Gone are the days of door to door bread delivery.

Mr Warren said he had scheduled a meeting with NSW Industrial Relations Minister Dominic Perrottet this week and was hopeful of picking up cross-party support for the Bill.
“I’ve spoken to my colleagues and I hope politics won’t get in the way here, I’m optimistic,” Mr Warren said. “Looking at this more broadly, this could just be the tip of the iceberg as there are other subcontractors out there who are in this situation.”
The Bill is the first introduced by Mr Warren since his election in 2015.
It is expected to come back to Parliament for debate in April or May.
Earlier this year Mr Warren addressed a letter to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian outlining his priorities for the Campbelltown Electorate in 2018. Improving train services and road and health infrastructure were at the top of his agenda.

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