Have your say about the future of Aussie Aviation

While aviation industry employers demand Government assistance to run their businesses, the wage level and working conditions of those who keep the industry flying are being ignored.

By working together, Australian aviation workers can ensure that the Australian avation industry remains strong, safe and secure.

  • ABC: Stranded Jetstar Plane Sparks Calls to End Cost-cutting

    December 23

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    December 15

    The Transport Workers’ Union will apply to the Fair Work Commission for good faith bargaining orders against Jetstar. The union is seeking the orders in response to threats by Jetstar that it would ground the airline, similar to the 2011 action of its parent company Qantas.

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  • TWU Calls For Ban On AirAsia Following Crash Report

    December 03

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 3 December 2015

    The Transport Workers’ Union is calling on the Minister for Infrastructure Warren Truss to ban AirAsia from flying in Australia following a report which shows lack of training and poor maintenance caused one of its planes to crash a year ago.

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  • Qantas Workers Speaking Out

    October 28

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  • Qantas Might Be Profiting, But Its Staff Are Barely Getting By

    October 26

    New Matilda, by Tony Sheldon, 23 October 2015
    With the business making money and Alan Joyce cashing in, it’s time to return some of the success to the people who make it happen, writes Tony Sheldon.

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