Have your say about the future of Aussie Aviation

While aviation industry employers demand Government assistance to run their businesses, the wage level and working conditions of those who keep the industry flying are being ignored.

By working together, Australian aviation workers can ensure that the Australian avation industry remains strong, safe and secure.

  • TWU Protests Employee Abuses At Qatar Airways As Flights To Sydney Begin

    March 03

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 2 March 2016
    The Transport Workers’ Union has held a protest at Sydney airport over Qatar Airways’ abuse of employees as the airline began its first flights to Sydney. 

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  • Sacked For Wearing Hair Gel — Harsh Treatment Clouds New Airline

    March 02

    Working Life, 2 March 2016
    Controversial Qatar Airways is now operating flights to Australia despite protests over its harsh treatment of employees.

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  • TWU Demands Government Stamp Out Employee Abuses As First Qatar Flights To Sydney Begin

    March 01

    TWU MEDIA RELEAES, 1 March 2016
    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding that the Government ensures all airlines operating in Australia abide by labour and human rights standards as the first Qatar Airways flights to Sydney begin.

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  • CH7: Union Calls on Qantas to Share Record Profit with Hard Working Employees

    February 25

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  • 2UE: Aviation Workers Being Paid Under Poverty Line

    February 23

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