Have your say about the future of Aussie Aviation

While aviation industry employers demand Government assistance to run their businesses, the wage level and working conditions of those who keep the industry flying are being ignored.

By working together, Australian aviation workers can ensure that the Australian avation industry remains strong, safe and secure.

  • Qantas Profits Hide Increased Security Risks

    August 24

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 24 August 2016
    Qantas’ full year results are masking the dangerous truth of increased security risks throughout the company’s aviation operations, according to the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU).

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  • CH7: A Security Spotlight on Adelaide Airport

    June 07

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  • Airport Safety & Security At Risk Because Of Poor Working Conditions, Report Shows

    June 01


    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 31 May 2016
    Australian airport employees will this week join workers across the world to protest low wages and insecure work as a report shows poor working conditions are affecting safety and security in air transport.

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  • Urgent Review Of AirAsia Needed Following Revelations On Safety Standards

    May 04

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  • Australians Flew On Airasia Plane With Fault For One Year Before Deadly Crash

    May 03

    ABC News, by Samantha Hawley and Suzanne Smith, 3 May 2016
    An Indonesia AirAsia plane that crashed into the Java Sea in 2014 killing all on board had carried thousands of Australian passengers while flying with a mechanical fault for the 12 months before the tragedy.

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