Third World Conditions Exposed at Australia's Airports

Behind the shiny façade of Australia’s world class airports is an underclass of aviation workers struggling to make ends meet.

ABC’s 7.30 has exposed the horrendous conditions workers at Aerocare endure on a daily basis - insecure, casual work, which involves early morning and late evening split shifts. The pay and hours are so bad that workers are forced to sleep beside baggage carousels. Many of these workers live below the poverty line.
This is a concern for all aviation workers, as other companies – such as Dnata – have indicated they will use an ‘Aerocare model’ for upcoming agreements.

Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon said airport and airlines are responsible for vetting the companies they undertake to do work on their behalf.
“Workers are struggling on slave wages and sleeping on bed rolls because they have to spend long days at work to support their families. They are terrified of raising concerns because the bosses are standing over them warning them against complaints,” Sheldon said.
“This is being allowed to happen because airports and airlines are outsourcing work to low cost companies and not giving a damn about the workers in their supply chains that it affects.”

Caption: An example of some of the conditions Aerocare employees are subject to
This is a race-to-the bottom and should be a wake-up call to all Australian workers. Not a single day goes by where one company, or another has been found to be exploiting its workers, often outside the bounds of the law.
“Employers are gaming the system in a similar way to how they avoid paying tax. The Government has utterly failed to protect working families and has left them to the ravages of corporate greed. We will fight for dignity and fairness for aviation workers,” he said.
To help us spread the word on these atrocious conditions, you can print out this leaflet at this link and hand out on work sites.


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