Aero-Care 2017 Agreement Update

Issue Number 1, February 9th 2017
The TWU met with Aero-Care Management on 2nd February to commence negotiations for a new Agreement.
Representing Aero-Care were Glenn Rutherford, CEO; Greg Shelley, General Manager, Employee Relations; and an Employer Relations consultant Dan Houlihan. 
Shane O’Brien, National Director of Aviation and Therese Walton, National Industrial Officer represented the TWU.
Claims for Improvements to the Current Agreement.
The TWU sought clarification on how the Agreement operated with specific reference to:
1)               Supplementary Hours not counting towards overtime
2)               Nominated Hours not counting towards overtime
3)               The lack of any guaranteed hours on a weekly basis
4)               The lack of any increase in pay rates over the life of the Agreement
5)               The lack of any mechanism to increase casual rates
With these matters clarified the TWU then tabled a preliminary log of claims identifying 24 areas that we believed needed to be addressed and explained the rationale for each claim.  You can see the preliminary claim here.
The Company indicated that the rates of pay were loaded with allowances and that penalties being sought would need to take this into account.  The TWU requested a breakdown of the hourly rate be provided by the Company at our next meeting.
Who Will Be Covered by the New Agreement?
The TWU asked whether or not employees of Carbridge would be covered by the new Agreement.  The Company indicated that they would not, and that they would continue to operate under their existing rates of pay and arrangements.
Employee Input into TWU Claims
The TWU advised the Company that the claims presented were preliminary based on initial analysis of the existing Agreement.  We advised that a survey of Aero-Care workers was being conducted and items may be added or deleted based on the results of that survey.  You can take the confidential survey online and tell the TWU what is important to you by clicking here.
Next Meeting
The next negotiation meeting will be held on Thursday, February 23rd 2017 in Sydney.   

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