Take action to save the Flying Kangaroo!

The Flying Kangaroo is an Australian institution but working for Qantas is more struggle street than Aussie dream.

Since senior management introduced their ‘Transformation Program’ Qantas has sacked 5000 employees and replaced them with 9000 part-time outsourced jobs.

Qantas management has pledged that there will be no new hires at Qantas Airways.

Instead all new jobs will be created through Qantas subsidiaries like QGS where workers are:

    • 100% part-time
    • Only guaranteed 20 hours per week
    • Guaranteed an income below the weekly minimum wage

Qantas must have a long-term strategy that serves shareholders, the community and Qantas workers alike – that means senior management must end its war on Qantas workers.

  • End Poverty Wages, TWU Urges Qantas Ahead Of Shareholders Meeting

    October 21

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 21 October 2016
    Employees working for Qantas are unable to pay bills, take out bank loans or support their families because of forced part time hours and poor conditions, the Transport Workers’ Union has said.

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  • Qantas Profits Hide Increased Security Risks

    August 24

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 24 August 2016
    Qantas’ full year results are masking the dangerous truth of increased security risks throughout the company’s aviation operations, according to the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU).

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  • While Airport Revenues Soar To $3b, Workers’ Wages Languish

    March 24

    Labor Herald, 23 March 2016
    Australia’s main airports increased their revenues to almost $3b while many airport workers have had their wages frozen and their working hours cut to part time.

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  • TWU Wins Protected Action Ballot Against Qantas/Jetstar Group

    March 11

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 11 March 2016
    The Transport Workers’ Union has today won an application at the Fair Work Commission for a protected action ballot against the Qantas/Jetstar Group. The move was taken after the airline continued to refuse to compromise in talks for a new enterprise agreement.

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  • CH7: Union Calls on Qantas to Share Record Profit with Hard Working Employees

    February 25

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