Based on survey results from hundreds of Alpha workers around the country, your TWU member-led negotiating team is taking our claim to the company to demand:

1. 3% increase every year of the EBA to pay and allowances, back paid to October 2016

2. Improved job security & better aviation industry standards

3. Classifcations and higher duties reviewed and improved

4. Extra 1% Superannuation

5. Better Rosters and resourcing, reduced workloads, paid meal breaks

6. Better Consultation and a real say and respect for Alpha workers

7. Access to Airlines’ discounted Staff Travel

8. Improved Workplace Health and Safety, written into the EBA

9. New leave types (Family Violence Leave, Special Leave, Emergency Leave)


Step 1:
Show your support! Download and sign the endorsement form to support our Log of Claims

Step 2: Join the TWU because together we’re stronger

Step 3:
Stand together as TWU members to pressure Alpha management for a good EBA

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