In 2012 the TWU National Committee of Management commissioned an independent review of our policies and procedures to bring them up to date and make sure that the best interests of TWU members continue to come first.

All of us expect the highest standards of leadership when it comes to our money.
But in recent years we’ve seen leaders in government, companies and unions indulge in excess, greed and dishonesty.
At the TWU, we take our responsibilities to members seriously, and know that we have to be certain that the TWU has the best safeguards in place to protect members’ money.

That’s why we commissioned this review because at the TWU we want to make sure that members’ money continues to be spent only for the benefit of our members.

The final report covers issues like financial training, budgeting, and approvals for expenditure on credit cards, fuel cards and cab charges.

Our actions will continue to be guided by our union values:

  • The interests of our members must always come first;
  • We believe in openness, transparency and accountability; and
  • We have the utmost respect for the rights and welfare of our members and employees.
Many organisations conduct an annual review of their policies and procedures to stay on top of changes to regulations or accounting standards – but we intend to conduct this review every six months from now on.

We have also released a statement from our independent consultant about our commitment to continue to implement transparent and proper systems of accountability, as well as the current and future work planned.

The windows to our union’s financial governance and accountability are open – and will remain so.

Please contact the TWU National Office for further questions regarding this review and TWU financial governance.

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