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January 13


  • Driver Helpline To Aid Truck Drivers In Need


    If you're a driver, or are a friend of family member of a driver, who may be experiencing issues related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, health and well-being call 1300 DRIVER (1300 374 837) today for anonymous and confidential support from a health professional.

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  • Change at Qantas


    The Flying Kangaroo is a beloved Australian institution. But since senior management introduced the ‘Qantas Transformation Program’ the only changes for our national airline have been for the worse. We need to take action to save the Flying Kangaroo from the Board’s failed transformation plan. You can help make the Qantas Board listen.

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  • Workplace Changes Will Hurt Economy

    23 Jan

    The Transport Workers’ Union has warned the government that reducing the minimum wage, scrapping extra pay for Sunday and bank holiday work and stripping away workers’ rights will damage the economy.

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  • QLD Bus Attacks: New Statewide Figures Released Today

    21 Jan

    New Queensland statistics released today show that 96% of bus drivers have been abused, one in five drivers have been physically attacked at the wheel and 36% have had passengers assaulted on their bus. Serious road safety issues such as failing brakes have also been exposed.

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  • 2014 Aviation Industry Survey


    Have your say about the future of Aussie Aviation! Complete this survey to tell us what you see happening and what you think needs to change in our aviation industry.

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  • Who pays the cost of Coles?


    From Bangladesh to Brisbane, it’s our communities that pay the cost of Coles insatiable drive to squeeze out more from suppliers for less. We know that Coles has the power and means to stop squeezing safety out of its supply chain - but the company refuses. Take action today and tell Coles to stop squeezing safety in their supply chain!

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